SK Marine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Developing and implementing, Sustainable Aquaculture Programmes and Consultancy……

What we offer?

Harnessing today’s resources for current and future generations. Today’s abundance could be tomorrow’s shortage.

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Core Activity

Consultancy & Program Implementation for Sustainable Aquaculture Projects.

Core Activity

Consultancy & Program Implementation for Sustainable Aquaculture Projects…..

Species Focus

Marine Shrimp & Marine Fish has varities like Black Tiger Shrimp, Groupers, etc…..

Farming Systems

Earthen ponds, Cage farming & Recirculated Aquaculture System…..

Taiwan – Marine fin-fish and abalone technical co-operation

Sri Lanka – Shrimp aquaculture, Marine Fin-fish and Tilapia culture

China – Shrimp farm and Tilapia farm and processing plant audits

Vietnam – Shrimp Farms, Pangasius Farms

Thailand – Shrimp and Asian Sea Bass Hatchery, farms and processing plants

Tanzania – Integrated Black Tiger Prawns (P. monodon) Hatchery, Farm and Processing

Saudi Arabia – Marine Shrimp and Fin-Fish Hatchery, Farming and Processing plant consultancy

Suriname – Integrated shrimp aquaculture

New Orleans – Soft-shell blue-swimmer crabs production, Operations consultancy

Florida – RAS for Marine Shrimp

Malaysia – Shrimp and Marine Fin-fish processing plant audits and consultancy

Nigeria – Freshwater fish culture

UAE – Shrimp aquaculture and RAS Fin-fish aquaculture

Oman – Shrimp and Fin fish farming and processing technical audits

Djibouti – Integrated shrimp aquaculture consultancy

Seychelles – Marine Fin-fish cage culture

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India – Shrimp farming and Stakeholder development

  • Consultancy for Operations and Establishment
  •  Technical Audits – Aquaculture projects and process plants
  • Stakeholder Development
  • Technical Pre-feasibility for Aquaculture Projects
  •  Certified Aqua-produce sourcing programmes


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